Kidz X
The British Invasion Again!??

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Many people have asked me, why I insist on using the British flag on all my stuff. besides being British,
I have no answer.
Not a clue.
I just like the flag.

Besides, Britain has never officially acknowledged the Union Jack as their banner.


By the way, you may or may not notice that when you get
the album, that it has two
number fives in the song listing.
Does this have some

strange deep meaning
that only the members of

Kidz X
know about, and can it
only be found out by attending

one of our concerts
and bribing one of us

with some kind of
chocolate bar,

not the cheap kind,
but you know, the ones
that come in the heavy gold wrapper and if you get the right one,
you win a bob or two?




Actually, it was a mess-up at the printers.

Sorry to bring you all this way for nothing.

No, we're not!

Are we having fun yet?

Kidz X Inc.