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In case you are crazy enough to want to book
Kidz X for an upcoming concert.
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Please book us far enough in advance, that we can get a map
and find out where you are located and get to the show on time.

We would prefer a minimum stage size of  24 feet by 12 feet,

but we can work around this. Communication is the key.

Please have at least a ten foot ceiling above the stage height,
Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)         so that we can hang some lights and look pretty. Or not!

We need a 220 volt service within 80ft of rear center stage, but we can work around

this with advance notice, sometimes even over the phone from the bus,
as we are heading down to the show. Are we easy or what!

We would like a parking area large enough to accommodate a forty foot tour bus,
close to a 110 volt outlet, so we can plug in.

If you wish, we can play in church sanctuaries, but please be aware that kids sometimes
scratch and nick things, no sacred cows please.

We want your concert to be a success, so please remember to advertise.
We can help you here, if you wish.
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We don't charge a set fee, so there's no pressure. We will have a love (or dislike) offering depending on the audience.

Please make sure that we can purchase decaffeinated Mountain Dew in the area.
(Thanks, Phil)

Food is always nice, but not necessary, as we are fully self contained.       Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)

We do use contracts to save misunderstandings at larger venues
and we have a basic performance contract that we use for smaller shows,
that are used as proof of booking, for Auntie 
IRiS and Uncle SAM.

Well, if all of this doesn't scare you off, and you still wish to book Kidz X

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Don't worry, this will soon be over.

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Kidz X Inc.