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The next three pages are about gear and stuff.
Some kids have asked what kind of
Marshall heads, Phillip uses.
Marshalls.bmp.bmp (230454 bytes)
Ampegs.bmp.bmp (230454 bytes)
(This is the rehearsal rig)

"If it's a small show, I usually take a pair of Marshall 2204 standard's and four marshall 4x12 cabs,
but if it's a large show,
then I take out four Marshall 2204 standards

and one Marshall 2205 modified and a couple of Plexi's and ten Marshall 4x12 cabs.
Recently, I aquired a pair of early seventies, Marshall Majors...Ouch..the eardrums!!
For processing I use an old Yamaha FX500 and an A.R.T. DST 4 (for the verb)
and a Rocktron Pro Q (for God knows what!)
I have also started using a Mesa Boogie Tri-axis pre-amp, which really rock's but it's a bit noisy!
Guitars too numerous to mention, but stay tuned for a forthcoming Axe page.

Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)

For the bass rig we use four Ampeg SVT cabs for the larger shows
And a Marshall 15x2x10 cab for the smaller shows
As for power, I don't know where to begin!
We use Ampeg, Crown and Crest.
Again, this depends on the gig.

( I'm glad I'm not the roadie!)

newgear2.jpg (12654 bytes)newgear1.jpg (15584 bytes)

Hey, at least my rig doesn't weigh two tons!

Oh yeah! well your Mommy dresses you funny.

Funny aye, well........Excuse me, I am sorry to
interrupt this little conversation but I do have a Web site
to work on you know!!!
Besides, People are reading this all over the world!

You wish!

Yeah, get a life!

I don't know, I just don't know, you try to get along with people, you try to build a quality product, but no one respects you, I didn't want to be a web page designer, I wanted to be a driving instructor, Ah yes, traveling to remote parts of town in my trusty Horizon, meeting all kinds of exciting people from all walks of life, barreling down the road at speeds in excess of thirty miles per hour, and with the window down if I so choose. Yes, the freedom of the open.....
"Excuse me, are we paying for this?"
Oops,sorry! it's just that I get carried away sometimes, and what with the way things are going these days it's a wonder I don't just.......
Sorry......... where was I?!

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