kebz1.jpg (19206 bytes)
Kebz at Mount Rushmore Studio's...

kebz2.jpg (11092 bytes)           kebz3.jpg (8548 bytes)
Kebz doin...what Kebz does best....

kebz4.jpg (13118 bytes)           kebz5.jpg (14716 bytes)
From Cleveland Ohio...who is this strange and famous man???

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The pretty boy of the drumz...Angie see's this and he's in real trouble!

kebz8.jpg (10857 bytes)           kebz9.jpg (8829 bytes)
The mighty man of rock...known only as "Thump" to his friends!
and "Ouch!" to his enemies!!

kebz10.jpg (10199 bytes)           kebz11.jpg (9771 bytes)
Why on earth is this guy not on MTV??!!

kebz12.jpg (9103 bytes)           kebz13.jpg (9941 bytes)
Ozzy Osboarne was once noted as saing to his sweetheart..
"Put the kettle on, would ya love?

At that very same moment...Kebz was residing on this self same planet!!
Phenominal coinsidence ay?!

kebz14.jpg (14492 bytes)           kebz16.jpg (9512 bytes)
So now we leave the master of the pummel and look skyward to the return of???

kebz15.jpg (7374 bytes)
The awsome Kebzter!

Kidz X.Inc