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Lana...Known as Red to her friends, just finished up her new album,
with a little help from
"Mike (Kebs) Kebheart" on Drums
"Stephen (the left is right) Berg" on lead guitar and
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Phillip on Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Keys and backing vocals...
It's one of those few times when you just have to keep
playing the songs over and over again..
Extremely infectious...

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Lana is from Newfoundland...
Not to be confused with the land they found ages ago!

Now the sad part...
As you may know, Newfoundland is the Eastern province
that was Raped by the Canadian Government

of all it's resources, then hung out to dry...
The level of poverty there is astounding..

Even by today's standards...

Shame on You Canada !

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Photo shoot

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Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)    The CD is in the process of being manufactured at this time.
We'll keep you posted...

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canwave.gif (20678 bytes)     Miss Lana Red in rare form!     canwave.gif (20678 bytes)
Lana's music is in the vein of classic blues....
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"Oh Lord won't-cha buy me.....a better shirt?!"

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