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Ever since the 60's when the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and other bands began the "British Invasion", music trends have never been the same here in America.
Phillip King, of the band Kidz X, grew up in England and has been involved in music

since age nine.
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His years of performing have had various musical highlights, beginning in his early years in England, being involved with bands that helped shape the music scene today, although always taking a back seat, allowing others to recieve the acolades, while quietly working in the background, writing and recording songs that would not be heard
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Since coming to America, King has performed in many cities, including Boston, Dallas, Omaha, New York City, Cleveland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, L.A.,
Denver and Kansas City.
Kidz X toured with Word Records recording artists "The Brave" on their last U.S. tour.
X-Ten Productions, King's production Company, has provided sound and lighting services free of charge, for such groups as Word Records recording artists Siloam, as well as for White Cross, Steve Camp, Guardian, Benson Records recording artists, Billy and Sarah Gaines, Believable Picnic, Andre' Crouch and many more.
King also sat in on Drums for New York's Remember Alice, on their last U.S. tour.

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