Richard M. Nixon
One of America's Great Unsung Heroes
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Richard M. Nixon

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This is part of a painting hanging in the Nixon Library
in Yorba Linda, California.
It was painted by
Ferenc Daday to commemorate the time in
1956, when,
the then Vice President, Richard Nixon
consoled the Hungarian refugees
in Austria shortly after the
Hungarian revolution.
Cool, huh?
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I bet you don't know when this pin came out.

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Don't just watch T.V.
Check out all of the facts behind the great men in history.
You'll be surprised at just how much,
or how little, some of these men did
in the service of their country.
Go spend some time in your local library.
And above all, get a life!

(I should know, I am hoping to get one real soon.)
O.k. not real soon, but one of these days.

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