Kidz X
(The Band?!)

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People say we mess around sometimes
instead of concentrating on rehearsing.
That's just not true!

(Yeah, we mess around all the time.)
(Thanks Turkey!)

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Eat... Hmmmm....Eat!

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Wow man, (or woman) ain't I cool!
Yeah....a legend in his own Garage!

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The Quiet One!
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"The crazy one"
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A little wider please...let's take a look at those tonsils....
Hey...I don't have tonsils!

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Made in The USA...hmmm where's that Phil?

Oh, the humanities!!

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It's fun to stay at the....

Kidz X, drink decaf Mountain Dew
The Dew, the whole Dew and nothing but the Dew!
Don't forget the Code Red!!

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uk-flag1.gif (31995 bytes)uk-flag1.gif (31995 bytes)

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