The real truth about Kidz X   Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes) 

John Jensen
A man of many talent's

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Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is John Jensen.
I have just managed to break into the Kidz X web site,    Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)
and I have some urgent news.

 Kidz X is not really a rock-n-roll band.
It's all just a front for a secret
British-American conspiracy.
In fact, the lead singer is not even really human at all!
He's a hostile alien from the far planet
And the bassist is a space alien arms smuggler
from the planet,    Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)
Don't you see, you have been sucked in.
They are destroying your will,
slowly turning you against your home planet, Earth,
and forcing you to run in the league of evil spezlets who have destroyed 3/3527ths of the universe
already in the name of
     But the bass player,

Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)  from
is a very sly character. Watch out for him.
He is a much more dangerous person than he looks.
Some night while you are sleeping,
he will replace all your drum
sticks with bendy straws. Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)
You know, the kind you get at that root beer
float place with the real funny shaped glasses.
Then he will put you under his power by singing and playing his bass in a feminine way and cause you play in odd time signatures and mumble incoherently
until you finally go mad and quit
Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)    paying your union dues.
Look out for the trees, I tell you, look out for the trees!
Oh, no! Not again! They have reactivated my subtercranian toad implants.
I feel sick, dizzy, I...must....hold.....on.....
Oh, no! Here they come.      Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)
Hey, no, stop, don't do.......


I am sorry about that, everything is O.K.

I must have been under too much stress recently.

There is nothing wrong with Kidz X,

Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)    I was just confused.

Yes....that's it confused!

Kidz X are a wonderful Band of real Humans.

And not Aliens at all.

Boy, do I feel silly!    Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)

We must all give them the respect they deserve.
And send them large amounts of  Lipton decaffeinated tea.

Sorry to get you all worked up over nothing.

Thank you for your time.

Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)     (Thanks, John.)



What a pretty CD!

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Kidz X Inc. 1998     Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)