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The Kidz' Phillip King

The main creative (if you can call it that) energy behind Kidz X is lead singer, rhythm guitarist, lyricist and founder, Phillip King. Originally from London, England, Phillip founded Kidz X in March of '73. He has since been kicked out of more British punk rock clubs than you can name.
Inspired by the carnal excesses of the secular rock scene, and fueled by the desire to corrupt the minds and morals of youth everywhere, Phillip came to America and began from scratch to do the same here. In September '80 he reformed the band called "The Kidz".  After the bass player was noted for public decency, the lead guitarist changed his strings, the keyboard player realized that pianos have hammers, not axes and the drummer mysteriously learned how to play, Phillip decided to start fresh with a new band and return to the original name, hence "Kidz X".

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Drawing from the cesspool of his inner being and a virtual odyssey of true-life experiences, Phillip has dredged up hundreds of songs varying in style from Post-Modern to Pre-Historic. Kidz X in its present form is a product both of Phillip's history and the influence of its present members. Take the lead guitarist for example. He finished his 7-day guitar correspondence course last week. Still, he'd sound a little better if he'd turn down the volume once in awhile.

The bass player, known nationally as the Polka King, and whose background includes opera, classical, and Dixieland Jazz with a touch of Punk thrown in for good measure, thinks the lot of them are sick and totally warped. " 'Demented Mutants From Massachusetts' would be a better name for the band," he says.
The drummer and newest member of the band, started out by banging on pots and pans while on KP duty. Using the same set today, she manages to produce copious levels of ear-splitting clamor accented by an occasional drum roll (for roll, see interruption).

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Phillip coined the name "Dense Aluminum" back in the seventies, to describe his musical style. He felt his songs were more Dense Aluminium,(the British spelling) than Heavy Metal.

Kidz X has managed to con their way into youth rallies in rural Nebraska and Iowa, and has raised eyebrows by performing in a few secular clubs, but has not been all that well received in their own city. In the conservative "Heartland" many Christians have difficulty reconciling alternative rock sounds with a Godly lifestyle, and it's no wonder considering what these guys are like. Coupling their devotion to Jesus Christ with the music they love, they share with them their conviction that anything can pass for music these days.

Pooling the band's creative energies with Phillip's "Monty Python" like manner, Kidz X has created an alternative quasi-punk sound that is truly nauseating. Together they share a common disregard for both their audience and their critics, and this musical/spiritual unity spews forth in the words they sing and speak and in the repulsiveness of their stage presence. Barf bags are available for your convenience.


A short note from Phillip

(My ex-bassist, Kyle, contributed heavily to this bio, and he assures me that people will understand the true meaning of these statements. They have nothing to do with Kyle wanting revenge because I glued his bass to the floor at our last gig.....and I hid his clothes in Texas, so he had to go on stage in our drummer's spare suit, and she's a girl.......Oh, and also that sticky situation at the customs office where I planted all the watches in the lining of his suitcase. Oh yes, and that little misunderstanding where he arrived home from the tour to find that his house had been mysteriously sold by an anonymous person while he was away..........And then there was the time......Ah well, all water under the bridge....So anyway, thank you Kyle for an excellent job.  Hmmm............)

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