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The British invasion again?!!!

Hello there and welcome to the Kidz X Info page.
Kidz X are a crazy Rock and Roll band,
who are Incorporated in the State of Delaware.
They distribute their Music on a donations basis.
  Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)  They also travel all over the
in an old converted Greyhound bus, and these guys will play anywhere.
(That means we're desperate)
They play all original music, that is a cross between
Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry,
The Beatles, The Pistols, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, T.Rex,
The Stones, Dave Edmonds, The Who
and of course George Beverly Shea.  (Huh!!!)Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)

They carry enough sound and lighting to play 50 to 5,000 seat venues.

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Go George!

Phillip is the Rhythm Guitarist and Lead Singer.
is the drummer and babe element of the band

The band is always very transient,
so you never know who will be playing
on any particular night.

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I would also like to thank Steve Shirley,

   who played the lead solo on "Are you ready"

"Live From Buffalo"

Presently the band are performing as a four piece quintet.
(hmm...weird huh?)
(Hey.....I thought a quintet was five!)
We would love to add a full time Keyboardist,
but they seem to be pretty rare.

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Kidz X at Bellevue

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Pray for our President

If you would like a copy of the Album,
"The British Invasion Again"
Just let us know.
There are Fourteen Songs on the album.
If you can't afford to buy one,
we'll send it out free and postage paid, cool, huh?
You can order the album from:
X-Ten Productions
PO Box 121, Rogers, MN 55374
We also have the official
"Kidz X   'T' Shirt" avalable for a limited time..

Kidz X  II  coming soon!

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Remember this,
The world may not care about you,
Jesus does.
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