Kidz X
Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes) Through the ages

As we have said as various times in the past,
Kidz X has had quite a few different incarnations.
So, without further ado,

prepare to take a ride through history,
as we delve into the world that is
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This is a major work in progress, so please be patient
it won't always be in order.

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Here they are on the road in Oklahoma. the good looking guy on the left is John,
from our John, Paul, Phil and Ricko, days.

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Canadian, Texas.......1993!

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Here we are waiting for the flood waters to subside
Notice the incredible
Patrick Da-Bomb, on the left.

(Hey....this is serious....has anyone seen Phil recently?....last we heard, He was in L.A.)

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Then we go back to the more introspe......What?! .. Hey, Rick....
What's going on here?
I swear...if I don't watch that guy every minute!
Excuse me folks, while I take a break!

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Studio Wrap Photo

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Phil, Rick, Troy and Mark, "PM".....

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Behind the barn... in the spring...

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