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Check out these sound bites
from the first U.S. album.
You will need to download an mp3 player,
like english.jpg (1577 bytes)"The Buggy"
english.jpg (1577 bytes) to listen to these.

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Despite what you may think, I love this country.
I used to sing all the verses, when I lived in England,

but no one really appreciated it.
Hopefully, the Americans will.

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Sucks mp3
This song has probably got me into more trouble than
anything I have ever written, mainly
because people never listen to all the words.
Check out the
lyrics, if you want to.
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Precious Gift mp3
I had a rasterfarian friend who once told me,
that I couldn't write a reggae song if my life depended on it.
I guess he was right, but give a listen anyway.
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Prostitute mp3
I had to write this song, so that I would have someone on my side
when I get beaten up at gigs

Most of the music on this album and the one's to follow were written
from 69 through 88 with the bulk of them from the seventies.
I don't apologize for this, as I must admit,
I kind of ran out of things to write about.
It seems like I have just about covered all the things that
most people consider important in life
and if  I can release the next forty odd albums that are already written,
it should open a few eyes, and no doubt close a few others.

Singlestar.gif (3874 bytes)   Thank's for your time

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